Brief Bio

30 12 2009

Brief Biography – While my spiritual quest began in childhood, highlights of this adventure during the last 25 years of focused study and practice include initiations, pilgrimages, visits to sacred sites and working with and learned from indigenous healers in:  Nepal, Peru, Mexico, France, China, Indonesia,  Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Canada, Ghana, and Brazil.

My U.S. teacher include: Larry Peters, Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Sandra Harner, Barbara Brennan, Bhola Banstola, Brooke Medicine Eagle, and many other fine teachers.

My deepest connection has been into the Tamang Tibetan Bon healing tradition learned from Larry Peters and several Tibetans healers in Pokhara, Nepal  and the Tibetan refugee camps nearly.  I find myself most often drawn to the ceremony of that tradition.  However, I had found shamanic healing wisdom to be universal knowledge which has allowed me to successfully share in healing work in many traditions.

Since the physical and spiritual aspects of healing need to work together, I have obtained several certifications as a Personal Fitness Trainer and work to ground healing in the physical body through experiential learning to provide tools for clients to integrate healing energy shifts as part of their personal growth and healing.