Shamanic Classes for the New Year

19 11 2017

Dear Friends,

I am sorry to have been away so long. I hope you are still out there and that things are going well for you. A few kind folks have been reminding me that I promised some events. The first of the new year seems like a good time to begin.  I have planned:

  • Beginning shamanic journeying on Saturday,  January 6, 2018 from 8:00 to 5:00.
  • Extraction Healing the following Saturday, January 13, 2018 from 8:00 to 5:00.

The fee is $100 per class for $160 for both, payable in advance.  Please email me for more information. This will also allow me to take a count to select a suitable venue. If it is a small group we can do it here at my home, otherwise I will rent a larger space.

Please let me know other interests you may have. I am open to sharing some of what I have learned in the last 32 years exploring this path.

Also, please share this with anyone you think might be interested. Since I closed my meetup group this is the only place I am posting this information.






Invitation and a Dream

9 10 2015

Open Studios has arrived already and I have done so little to publicize it I am taking the unusual step of cross pollinating to my other passion. My shamanic minded followers may not know that I also create art. You can see some of it on my other website:  (add the work portfolio if you have trouble finding it).

First, here is the invite:

What: Open Studios at my home (Art, snacks, demos and most important, time to visit)

Where: 1615 Heritage Ln, Santa Cruz, CA – which in actually in Capitola near the Target

When: this weekend and next, October 10th and 11th and 17th and 18th  11:00 to 5:00 each day

I am really looking forward to seeing people! Please come and invite others as well.

Secondly, the dream. The first dream of ants I can remember happened during a profound initiation in the Himalayas in Nepal many years ago.  Then, just recently I have been having recurring dreams of ants. This morning I had a marvelous dream. I was somewhere at a shamanic gathering and a woman I don’t know was showing the group an amazing garment she had made. It was a shaman’s coat, a heavy bulky garment. I can remember the details of it quit clearly. I instantly wanted to put it on. I went and quickly changed into clean clothes and return to her to beg to put it on. Reluctantly she decided I could try it on. As I began to pull off layers of clothing and then put on the coat. The seamstress watched and changed her point of view, saying I was the perfect model. As soon as I buttoned up the coat on I began to walk quickly swaying and almost floating across the land in perfect harmony and happiness. I realized the garment was silk with a leather band near my neck and was much softer than I had realized. As I looked down at my left hand (I am left-handed) I saw that a small wooden ring was on my ring finger featuring my three primary power animals. In addition my hand was crawling with small animals and then as I watched, hundreds of ants also swarmed my hand.  As I have recently been fighting the ants for ownership of my garden and home, this was not all together pleasant. incredibly, I was struck by the fact that I could use my breath to focus the ants in a good way and they began to move down my fingers and drop onto the ground. The seamstress nodded in agreement is if saying I was using the garment properly. Ants are  industrious and I am working to learn more about the ant as a totem animal.In the meantime I think of their communal character, much in contrast to my primarily solitary style and thing it is appropriate as I invite others to visit, but more so as I consider yet another teaching opportunity which has come to me. More about that later. Hope to see you soon.

Unique learning/healing opportunity

13 10 2012

Here is an excerpt from a letter I received recently. I encourage you to give it your consideration. I have confirmed that it is still possible to attend. I apologize for allowing my recent schedule to delay me in presenting this information.  The upcoming conference is called Celebrating Ancestral Wisdom, and it is happening soon, October 20-21st in San Francisco. I believe it will be a worthwhile event.

E a r t h M e d i c i n e A l l i a n c e
P.O. Box 460221
San Francisco, CA 94146
(415) 748-9658
Board of Directors
Daniel Foor
Jeff McElwain
Megan Carroll
Paul Rubio
Kimberly Errigo

The Earth Medicine Alliance is a non-profit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to helping humans remember their unity with the living Earth. It is critical at this time in human history that we work together in our efforts to increase consciousness and awareness in all people.

Our current outreach efforts are focused on supporting our third annual conference, Celebrating Ancestral Wisdom, this October 20-21st in San Francisco. This conference brings together nearly 20 earth-honoring ceremonial leaders and educators from diverse walks of life to guide two full days of interfaith teachings, inclusive ritual, and heart-felt community. For our full conference program see

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to hearing from you!

Aama Bombo’s US Visit

8 07 2012

This is a good news, bad news, story.  Aama has been having some significant health issues. For some time it was considered unlikely that she would be well enough to travel to the US this summer.  The very good news is that she will be traveling to the 11th International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers in Montana on July 26 through 29th.

On her past two visits to the US she has also had several healing events in California which included visits to my home.  She will not be making these visits with the exception of a small gathering in the LA area which will not include the type of individual healings she has done here. Please join me in praying for Aama’s good health.

The gathering in Montana sounds to be an amazing event. Having attended one of these gatherings I know that Aama will pour her healing out in their public events, though again not like the individual ones she has done here. Perhaps you can consider traveling there. The cost is minimal and the opportunity to camp on the Northern Cheyenne land is marvelous.

Please join me also in extending our prayers and healing rituals for and to the land, people, animals, plants, and spirits currently threatened by fire in that area.

Shapeshifting Consciousness – Personal and Global Transformation

8 03 2012

Llyn Roberts & John Perkins are hosting an event  at Mount Madonna Center, March 16-18, 2012 which you may find of interest. I am posting this with their permission at their request. I am no affiliated with this activity but it it sounds worthwhile to me.

For more information or to register:

We have entered a time prophesied by many cultures for shapeshifting into higher consciousness. Amazonian hunters transform into jaguars for stealth and swiftness; Andean birdpeople shapeshift into balls of fire to incinerate illness; Siberian elders soar like eagles to gain power to lift their communities from cultural oppression. These shamans have taught Llyn Roberts and John Perkins that shapeshifting – the ability to alter form at will – is innate to us all and can be used for positive change.


In this experiential workshop we translate ancient shapeshifting techniques into modern day practices to transform personal imbalances; open to our higher purpose; deepen our relationship with spirit and nature; and reclaim our power to make a positive difference in the world. Invoking shamanic guides and spirits we release limitations, engage in life-changing fire ceremonies, experience powerful expanded realities and shapeshift into forms that encourage positive personal and global change.



LLYN ROBERTS, M.A., is a prominent teacher of healing and shamanism. Her newest book, Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness, integrates spirituality, shamanism and environmental activism.  For more information see


JOHN PERKINS is an authority on shamanism and a New York Times best-selling author of many books including Shapeshifting and Confessions of an Economic Hitman. John’s corporate background offers unique perspectives for personal and global shapeshifting.  For more information see


You are invited to a Psycho-pomp Event

30 01 2012

On Saturday night, February 11, there is a public healing session at my home in Capitola. We held a similar event in January and had a great event. For the February event we are adding an opportunity Psycho-pomp work. This term is used to describe work done with those approaching death or whom have died but not yet found peace.  The shamanic techniques used for this work are also appropriate to use with people not in typical states of consciousness because of coma or brain damage, or who are withdrawn, hyperactive, mentally challenged, or autistic.

The decision to work with this topic at this time in a result of a recent death in my family. It has inspired me to make this training available to others who may not be following a shamanic path but whom could use the techniques. If there is sufficient interest, I will offer a training in this work. If you want more information please email me or sign up to attend the Saturday night gathering.  That gathering is planned for 7:00 to 9:00 on Saturday night by reservation. A $10 donation is recommended.

December 2011 Events and First Quarter of 2012 Events

6 12 2011

Dear Friends-

Everyone seems to be learning from the same teacher, the economy. This forced letting go of our identities is sometimes harsh and difficult but also opens the door for learning and growth. As I let go of identities which no longer serve me new visions appear.  Chief among these is the desire, finally, after years of saying no, to step humbly into the role of teacher, mentor, and workshop leader.  I am happy to announce the following activities. Some are designed for those seeking tools for self-healing (Basic) and some are for those seeking growth as healers (Advanced).

(Basic)Self-healing and basics of shamanism


Basic Journeying – this is an introduction to the terminology and cosmology of the shaman’s world. Learn about power animals, spirit teachers, and nature spirits by experiencing them, not by hearing about someone else’s experience. Come prepared to participate. This is a six hour class being offered twice. Since this is a great preparation for the advanced program I am offering it despite the hectic season and will consider offering it at other times if requested to do so.

  • Saturday December 17, 2011.  9:00 through 4:00 with a one hour lunch break. $60


  • Saturday January 7, 2012.   9:00 through 4:00 with a one hour lunch break. $60

Power Dance and Shamanic Healing

Experience a traditional community ritual including the opportunity to receive multiple healing in a shamanistic style.

  • Saturday, January 14, 2012 7:00 p.m. through 9:00 p.m. $10
  • Saturday, February 11, 2012 7:00 p.m. through 9:00 p.m. $10

(Advanced) An apprenticeship/mentoring program

This program requires a one year commitment to the members of this working group. Membership will be closed once the program begins. The three month sessions are simply a way to make the cost more affordable. Please do not begin if you do not intend to stick with it for the year.

This program will be a series of four Three Month Sessions.

The First Three Month Session is scheduled for:

Saturday, January 14, 2012 9:00 a.m. through 9:00 p.m.

Saturday, February 11, 2012 9:00 a.m. through 9:00 p.m.


Friday March 9, 2012, through Sunday March 11, 2012

  • Friday March 9, 2012, 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Sunday March 11, 2012, 9:00 to 12:00 a.m.

One working definition of a shaman is “one who goes into an altered state of consciousness at will to bring back information for the healing of others, the community and/or the planet.” This program includes instruction in typical shamanic activities such as extraction, soul retrieval, de-possession, curse removal, divination, psycho-pomp, space clearing, and working with nature spirits and other compassionate spirits to achieve these results.

Approximately one-half of our time will be spent outdoors and will include visits to local power places. We can’t learn what our shaman teachers have learned through a lifetime of living in harmony with nature on a Saturday afternoon. The weekend sessions will provide a time to be still in nature and go deeper into our lessons. At least as important as learning the techniques of healing is learning about the spiritual wholeness that makes it all possible.

While this is not designed as a program for those seeking healing, there is not a healer alive who does not receive healing through helping others. Be prepared to learn about yourself, your ancestors, your fears, and your strengths. Learn to trust and utilize your abilities and receive affirmations and validation of them.

Since this is Santa Cruz, I add the following. You cannot use mind altering drugs (including marijuana) and participate in this program ergo the words “go to into an altered state at will”. Participation is at my discretion.

Cost of Program:

$400 for each 3 month commitment payable in advance of the first meeting of each quarter.  In some cases there will be additional modest costs for camping or other accommodations for the weekend events.

Schedule for the three remaining quarters will be presented to participants at the first session. The schedule is somewhat flexible at this time but will generally be the second weekend of the months with a weekend event culminating each quarter.
Registration Form:

Event for which you wish to register: ____________________

Name: ____________________

Address: __________________

City: ________State:__Zip:___

Phone: ____________________

E-Mail: ___________________

Amount enclosed: ___________

Send Registration Fee to:


Fee will be cost of event except for the Advanced Program. For that program you can send $100 to hold your place with balance payable before first event.

Location will be announced. Instructions will be given once registration is received.

New Happenings at My House

2 11 2011

Announcing two activities:

I have just completed a two month  process of helping my Mother:

a. recover from surgery

b. move

c. Sell and empty her home of 32 years

I also completed my first participation in The Cultural Council of Santa Cruz Open Studios during that time.  I am in the process of posting some of my art at my at my other website:

Wow! There was so much to think about besides shamanism.  Later I will post something about how my practice of shamanism helped me take care of myself during this difficult process.

As I drove home from my most recent trip North, my mind was flooded with ideas for writing about and direct sharing of shamanic insights   and the desire to participate in a shamanic community.

Perhaps one reason for this was that I put out a call for assistance in Portland at one point in this process. My Mother said, “you haven’t lived here for three years. No one will come to help.” She may have been surprised but I wasn’t. Six  of my friends came to help and others offered other sorts of support. Their kindness flooded my heart with gratitude. Yes, a shamanic or spirit based community doesn’t forget so easily.


In the spirit of community I invite those interested to bring your drums and rattles to a gathering at my home on Friday Night, November 18. 6:30 for tea and 7:00 for circle, sharing, and shamanic activity. No experience necessary, only a desire to learn and participate.


A one day workshop for beginning shamanic practice. I have had so many people ask me about various classes. In order to have participants able to benefit from these classes, it is important that they have rudimentary knowledge of shamanism. This class is to help anyone new to the practice achieve that knowledge. For more information please email me. It will be Saturday, November 19 from 9:00 to 4:00 and the cost is $60.

Summer Shamanic Events

3 07 2011

WHEN: Wednesday Nights, July 6, 13, 20, 27

6:30 for visit, start immediately at 7:00

Finish by 9:00 sharp

My summer is as crazy as anybodies but it gives us the change to do shamanism outdoors. The only way to get it happening is to make it fit. If you want to join my shamanic work group, RSVP and be here. As much as possible, these activities will be outdoors so dress accordingly. A shamanic work group isn’t about cleaning the yard, it is about doing deep personal work to prepare us to help others. No fee but donations accepted.

Experience not required in this specific work however basic shamanic knowledge is required. If you need to get up to speed email me with a request. I can do basic training with small groups for a small fee.


Event: Healthy Living and Local Foods

3 07 2011

A primary requirement of shamanic activities is to maintain a healthy body. One reason we  have so much respect for people from indigenous cultures around the world is that although they may have little money, they eat local organic foods, perform physical labor and live in closer harmony with nature, our great teacher and ally.

There is information on a local showing of a movie which helps us understand why local foods are so hard to find and often expensive.

The movie will be shown
Tuesday, July 19th at  7pm at the GreenGrange, Santa Cruz


flyer’s link for more information: