TM’s sweet words

29 08 2010
“You are a light in my life.  Thank you for that.  I am so very grateful!  I don’t know why but tears come flowing my way even when I think of you now….I think it is that you have so much compassion and love and I feel that and it is so healing for me.  And you know me.  In my pure form and it is lovely to be seen, really seen.
blessings and light to you Linda,
with great appreciation,

Another Kind Testimonial

29 08 2010

When I think about the things in life that I am thankful for, you are on the very top of my list. I sincerely mean that from my heart, I would not be the person that I am today had you not taken me under your wing and taught me what love is. You are an amazing, brilliant, kind, compassionate, beautiful woman and I thank you!!! – JM

“At a most confused and painful time”

14 01 2010

I prefer working in person but on occasion, with the permission of the compassionate spirits, provide distant healing services. The following is a reprint of a letter I received froma gracious lady I have never met who contacted me on behalf of her mother.

At a most confused and painful time in my mother’s passing I reached out for help and found Linda Nadeau.  My mother of 83 years was in pain and fear and seeking with much distress how to pass properly – for herself – her tribe and her children to follow. When I contacted Linda and told her my mother’s story she offered to do a “Journey” with her spirit guides to my mother to see what they may do for her.

In this journey Linda made contact with my mother and my mother’s spirit guides aAll of whom worked together to release the distress she carried. Although there are many details of what took place – the most amazing to me was the identity of one of my mother’s spirit guides.  Beatrice.  Beatrice stepped forward and announced herself.  Beatrice is my Great Grandmother and my mother’s Grandmother. It is also my grandma’s middle name (my mother’s mother). This was confirmation to me of HUGE magnitude. Beatrice and Linda did their work.  And it was done!  In visiting my mother afterward she was peaceful, centered, and calm for the first time in 6-7 weeks.  Linda was told her work was done.  The rest was up to my mom and her spirit guides.  There is no doubt after seeing her that this is true to me. My mom has found her way – her spirit guides, and it is up to her to now walk this path and I have the assurance that she can now do it in peace.

I whole-heartedly recommend Linda Nadeau. She is AMAZING!!!