In honor of the word Shaman

31 12 2009

It was with a heavy heart that I named this website. My technical consultant responded to my request to make the information easily accessable with “Santa Cruz Shaman” as terminology that would help potential customers find this website.  This logic was impeccable and I reluctantly followed his recommendation.

My reluctance was a result of my great respect for the word Shaman.  This word has long  been used to identify extraordinary individuals who underg0 many hardships to provide compassionate service to others.

One of my early teachers, Michael Harner, used the term shamanic practitioner to describe those of us who utilized the traditional methodologies of the shaman. To call a shamanic practitioner a shaman is  like calling every yoga practitioner a yogi.  A practitioner is committed to practicing, learning, and accepts successes as gifts that are part of the path, not a confirmation of arrival at a mystic master state.



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