Followup on Aama’s recent visit – also lost and found

30 06 2011

As those of you who were here know, Aama’s visit was a world-wind of kindness, compassion, and healing. We got to experience a tiny bit of Nepal right here in my living room. Aama worked very hard and helped over 100 people during here brief visit here.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your participation and generosity to Aama. I am already hearing wonderful stories of healing and fully expect the results to continue for some time.

I am sorry that in the rush of work a few people received upsetting news.  A few people have been worried because Bailo, Aama’s translator, said there was nothing she could do to help them. In a few cases he also said something to the effect that the person was in a time of bad luck.  When Aama says there is noting she can do, she is referring to the fact that the injury, illness, or difficulty does not have a spiritual cause.  It may help to think of this in medical terms. For example, you wouldn’t go to an oncologist to get a broken bone set.  I respect Aama’s clarity about what she can and cannot do. Also, she often receives information about a person’s astrology or “planets”. I questioned her about the ability to help someone during a negative astrological period. Bailo explained that it means that something which might otherwise pass by without harm can, unfortunately, cause difficulty. Aama did say that during these bad times, prayer, meditation and being careful of how a person lives can decrease the likelihood or severity of “bad luck”.

One person asked why Aama dis a healing or blessing after telling her there was no help for the issue she was hoping to correct. I explained some of the ways this healing could help beyond that issue, such as removing stagnant energy around her and calling on many compassionate spirits to strengthen her and support her.

Several people asked about the “broom” with which Aama swept, tapped or hit a person. This broom is imbued with many mantras and magic. It is not simply to sweep away energy or frighten a person. It is magical instrument and has many purposes. Aama is working with unseen spirits and, like much of what she does, is not obvious to someone untrained in this work.  It isn’t necessary for the patient to understand them.

Most left behind items have been claimed but I still have a hair comb and a lovely sweather.




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