Let the mystery find you

7 07 2011


There is an old story in which everyone’s problems are placed in a pile in the middle of the room. After seeing the challenges of their friends, each person gladly takes their own problems back.

As a shamanic practitioner I am constantly aware of my own good fortune. And yet, when I undertake to help another person I am also aware of a resonance of my patient’s problems and issues with aspects of my life. For example, during a diagnostic journey I recently saw what I thought of as an image from the American Revolutionary War. There was a line of British solders walking smartly down the center of the road in a nice neat line with white uniforms and red hats while a drum announcing their presence. Meanwhile, a rag-tag band of rebel soldiers hid behind trees and picked them off one by one.

In the context of my client’s inquiry, it seemed to be a warning to my client that he might be too rigid regarding that particular issue. After he left, I reexamined this powerful image for personal meanings. I am an artist and sometime referred to as a “raging creative” so I didn’t see an immediate connection.

Several days passed before I found myself in tears as it relevance occurred to me.  I was thinking of myself on a typical trip. When I travel my attention is too fixed on my plan. My desire for safety, economy, and achieving my goals, leaves very little room for deviation. My tears were because I realized that I had passed unaware by many wonderful discoveries because I was so set on my goal.

I vow to allowing space for the discoveries find me, to being more open to beauty and mystery, and to remembering the journey is more important than the destination not only during summer travel but during all of life’s journeys. Dear friends, enjoy these beautiful summer days wherever they take you.



One response

11 03 2012
Paula Chomistek, MSW

Hi Linda,
I met you the last day of the Open Art Studios in Oct. 2011. I shared that I worked in a Maximum Security Prison as a Clinical Social Worker for 5 years with mentally ill Level IV patients. We connected on that level as well as your art work. Do you remember me? You offered a one time free healing by contacting you again. I just wanted to check in with you and let you know that I have left prison work and have relocated to Yuba City outside Sacramento to be near my elder mother of 82 years. It was time to leave prison work and be physically closer to mom for a few good reasons. I read your posts to keep up with what you are doing. I am curious if you still have the beautiful chakra piece with all the mirror chips on wood. If I recall, it was 1200.00. I think of it often. I am in a small cottage now and it is a gallery of all the art work I acquired while living in Monterey Co. as well as a comfy abode. I would love to hear from you and how you are doing. I also recall you saying, “What’s up with all you lesbians? All my friends are lesbians but I’m not” That just makes me smile. I do hope to hear from you soon and if you still have the Chakra piece for sale.
Paula Chomistek,MSW

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