Wedding Day Magic

3 01 2010

On your wedding day you has the magically ability to move yourselves and the attendees at your wedding to a time outside of time where the energy of life flows through you blessing all those around you.  Your guests are there to support you and to receive the gift of sharing in the abundance of your love.

The officiant your select at your wedding is important, not because she is responsible for filling out and filing paperwork and seeing that the proper words are spoken to create society’s contract, but because she is charged with creating and holding a sacred space which allows the unconditional love in your hearts to flow freely as the energetic connection between you is celebrated, blessed, and sealed.

This is your opportunity to work with a wedding officiant to create a wedding ceremony as unique as you are.  I really listen to you with my heart open to identify and present options that meet your needs and desires. Through clear and concise  communication your special event is simplified and enriched and the focus is kept where it should be.  I am committed to creating a heart space defined by love, peace and joy.  It is my honor to speak eloquently in resonance with the love and care you put into your wedding plan.

The ceremony can be formal or informal, traditional or non-traditional but will surely be one which is warm and welcoming, joyful and magical. It can contain Christian elements, cross-cultural elements, historic rituals such as Celtic hand-fasting, or shamanic ritual.

Traditional elements may include:

  • Text, songs and music
  • Exchange of rings and vows
  • A special location
  • Photos, artwork, plants, animals, and/or costumers
  • Participation elements by attendees
  • Unique declarations of love
  • Unity candle
  • Calling on attendees to support and nurture the wedding couple
  • Pronouncement of marriage and presentation of wedding couple

Non-traditional elements

Somewhere through the years the marriage ceremony has become ritualized and set. This has great beauty but there are so many wonderful ways it can be enriched. Consider such non-traditional elements as:

  • Ritual meal in which the wedding couple circulates among attendees with trays of fruit which they share with individuals as they gather hugs and blessing within this magical time thus blurring the distinction between ceremony and party
  • Honoring the previous commitment of the wedding couple to each other and recognizing mileposts of their journey to this day
  • Calling in of the spirits such as those of the directions and/or of diseased loved ones
  • Recognizing strengths and gifts of the wedding couple
  • Welcoming and recognizing attendees in special ways
  • Incorporating your ideas

I have been an ordained minister of the International Assembly of Spirit Healer and Earth Stewart Congregations since 2002 and deeply committed to my shamanic practice for more than 25 years. I recently moved to Santa Cruz, CA from Portland, OR.

Reverend Linda Nadeau




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