Where does healing come from

5 01 2010

The Brazilian healer called John of God is fond of saying, “I do not heal. It is from God alone that healing comes.”

As a “healer” I put aside thought and become an open channel through which healing passes. When I have the honor to be present in this way, I am aware of an intelligence that is greater than me. I may experience it as a body nearby, a voice, heightened senses, or merging with another consciousness.

One of the things I observed at the Casa where John of God works is that healing happens through all things working together over a period of time. Time allows the individual to adjust and fulfill their commitment to doing the work. A clearing away of extraneous concerns corresponds with a vibrational change. There is a slowing down from the hectic pace of modern life that allows an inward focus.

Each story of healing is beautiful and amazing in its simplicity and uniqueness. I believe each recipient receives exactly what is possible for them and most needed by them at that moment.  We often want an immediate physical healing and an end of symptoms.  Healing does not always look like we want it to. Sometimes this is frustrating.  Often an individual is; not yet willing to let go of something which is holding them in pain, has not yet learned what they can from their current situation, or their healing may be a preparing for death or other major change that they cannot recognize; rather than the desired return to life as they previously knew it.

Instantaneous healing is always possible. The opportunity for this is greatly increased by preparing the body to receive a greater energy flow. Therefore physical fitness, the free flow of chi and all the prior healing one has done on his or herself, work together to prepare the way for healing at this moment.



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