Halloween at My House

13 10 2012

Dear Friends-

you are invited to a shamanic circle at my house on Halloween which falls on Wednesday, October 31.  I will have a pot of vegan vegetable soup ready by 6:00 p.m. and Circle will start promptly at 7:00 p.m.  We will finish by 9:00 as it is a work night for many.  You are welcome to bring food to share but it is not required. This is a free event. You are also welcome to bring a friend who shares an interest in shamanism. Please RSVP the number of persons attending so that I know how much soup to make.

This it is a great time to bring/wear a costume. Here are three possible suggestions.

1. Costume/mask representing a power animal or any animal you feel a connection with.

2. Costume/mask representing a plant you feel a connection with.

3. Costume/mask that represents who you truly are or an aspect of yourself you wish to explore.

Simple costumes are great. A paper plate or half a paper plate can become a mask, or a colored or printed piece of clothing or piece of jewelry can carry the energy of a power animal.  If you don’t have a power animal ask for help finding one while you are here.

A plant can be represented by something as simple as a few leafs in your hair or attached to your clothing.

If you have an elaborate costume you are itching to wear, this is your chance.

If you don’t have any idea about what aspect of yourself to explore here is a good exercise for seeing yourself with fresh eyes.  Sit in the dark in front of a mirror illuminated by only one candle placed to the side of the mirror. Relax and watch your face. It is likely you will see something unexpected.

As always it is appropriate but not necessary to bring a drum/rattle/cushion/item for altar.

I look forward ti sitting in circle with you!



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