Unique learning/healing opportunity

13 10 2012

Here is an excerpt from a letter I received recently. I encourage you to give it your consideration. I have confirmed that it is still possible to attend. I apologize for allowing my recent schedule to delay me in presenting this information.  The upcoming conference is called Celebrating Ancestral Wisdom, and it is happening soon, October 20-21st in San Francisco. I believe it will be a worthwhile event.

E a r t h M e d i c i n e A l l i a n c e
P.O. Box 460221
San Francisco, CA 94146
(415) 748-9658
Board of Directors
Daniel Foor
Jeff McElwain
Megan Carroll
Paul Rubio
Kimberly Errigo

The Earth Medicine Alliance is a non-profit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to helping humans remember their unity with the living Earth. It is critical at this time in human history that we work together in our efforts to increase consciousness and awareness in all people.

Our current outreach efforts are focused on supporting our third annual conference, Celebrating Ancestral Wisdom, this October 20-21st in San Francisco. This conference brings together nearly 20 earth-honoring ceremonial leaders and educators from diverse walks of life to guide two full days of interfaith teachings, inclusive ritual, and heart-felt community. For our full conference program see http://www.earthmedicine.org.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to hearing from you!



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