Invitation and a Dream

9 10 2015

Open Studios has arrived already and I have done so little to publicize it I am taking the unusual step of cross pollinating to my other passion. My shamanic minded followers may not know that I also create art. You can see some of it on my other website:  (add the work portfolio if you have trouble finding it).

First, here is the invite:

What: Open Studios at my home (Art, snacks, demos and most important, time to visit)

Where: 1615 Heritage Ln, Santa Cruz, CA – which in actually in Capitola near the Target

When: this weekend and next, October 10th and 11th and 17th and 18th  11:00 to 5:00 each day

I am really looking forward to seeing people! Please come and invite others as well.

Secondly, the dream. The first dream of ants I can remember happened during a profound initiation in the Himalayas in Nepal many years ago.  Then, just recently I have been having recurring dreams of ants. This morning I had a marvelous dream. I was somewhere at a shamanic gathering and a woman I don’t know was showing the group an amazing garment she had made. It was a shaman’s coat, a heavy bulky garment. I can remember the details of it quit clearly. I instantly wanted to put it on. I went and quickly changed into clean clothes and return to her to beg to put it on. Reluctantly she decided I could try it on. As I began to pull off layers of clothing and then put on the coat. The seamstress watched and changed her point of view, saying I was the perfect model. As soon as I buttoned up the coat on I began to walk quickly swaying and almost floating across the land in perfect harmony and happiness. I realized the garment was silk with a leather band near my neck and was much softer than I had realized. As I looked down at my left hand (I am left-handed) I saw that a small wooden ring was on my ring finger featuring my three primary power animals. In addition my hand was crawling with small animals and then as I watched, hundreds of ants also swarmed my hand.  As I have recently been fighting the ants for ownership of my garden and home, this was not all together pleasant. incredibly, I was struck by the fact that I could use my breath to focus the ants in a good way and they began to move down my fingers and drop onto the ground. The seamstress nodded in agreement is if saying I was using the garment properly. Ants are  industrious and I am working to learn more about the ant as a totem animal.In the meantime I think of their communal character, much in contrast to my primarily solitary style and thing it is appropriate as I invite others to visit, but more so as I consider yet another teaching opportunity which has come to me. More about that later. Hope to see you soon.



One response

9 10 2015
Rise' (Reese)

Lovely art Linda! One does need to type /portfolio after the .com to see it. FYI: ants have always come to me in response to my frustration. The more frustration, the bigger the ant invasion. Dreams of ants are always a reminder to correct my course. Of course, this is only my experience – not the rule for everyone.. What elaborate, beautifully supportive dreams you have!

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